Sued All Because of a Tattoo

A large majority of people don’t take art as serious as it should be, especially tattoos. Believe it or not tattoos are a work of art, no matter what the design or piece, they represent important things to people, even though it may look and sound completely idiotic to you. For example Mike Tyson’s face tattoo, it may seem like a foolish thing to do to yourself, however it has become quite famous, it’s even caused some controversy. In the movie Hangover II, a character wakes up drunk with a face tattoo like Mike Tyson’s.

The tattoo artist that created that tattoo sued warner bros for copyright and because that didn’t ask permission to use the tattoo. I personally think that the tattoo artist should sue and get some money’s worth from this movie. I say this because this tattoo is considered art, according to S. Victor Whitmill this tattoo is “one of the most distinctive tattoos in the nation.” And I agree, everyone knows that tattoo, clearly. It was reported that when Tyson received this face tattoo that him and Whitmill agreed that Whitmill would own this artwork and copyrighted this tattoo. It is to be known that this movie has brought in $500 million worldwide. I believe that the tattoo artist should receive at least $45,000, because I’m pretty sure that this particular scene played a big part in this movie. In conclusion, the tattoo artist was in the right to sue and get coin from this major movie, his artwork went unrecognized and no shout-out was included for his work. Whether you agree or not Whitmill worked really hard on this specific tattoo, to build up his cliental, and to make his career at all time high to be working on professional athletes, this stuff isn’t easy, so of course he deserves some money for his artwork.

To be Hired or Not to be Hired

While searching for a home helper with your spouse, the first priority is the outcome of their work, what are the ratings for that company or person, do others recommend their work, etc. However, an issue has been brought up, the attractiveness of these helpers in the homes and should you hire them? This is just another “problem” to add to the list of things you need to watch out for. This just adds extra stress for you and your spouse for no reason, if ya’ll trust each other then this shouldn’t be an issue. I personally believe that couples shouldn’t avoid hiring “attractive” home help. I say this because this shouldn’t be in the top factors, your main priority in hiring someone should be professionalism, trustworthiness, and hard working. I feel like people are making this a bigger issue than it should be.

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Also, it sort of limits the help you’ll be hiring and the work that would be put into the task at hand. Think about it, looking through the list of people to hire, the most attractive ones could be at the top, you’re knocking out the best people for the job. Why wouldn’t you hire the best person for the job?! While on the other hand, I seriously doubt that home helpers would jeopardize not only their jobs but life’s, for a person. These home helpers, whatever they may be, take their jobs seriously and wouldn’t do anything to ruin their lively hood. These jobs not only take care of themselves but families. To wrap it all up, couples shouldn’t avoid hiring “attractive” help, do what you gotta do and the job will get done.

Annotated Bibliography

In this 60 minute interview called “Stop Snitching”, rappers talk about the negative reputation snitching has on a person, specifically in the streets. It talks about how and why people wont cooperate with police when someone gets murdered, shot, or anything bad. Ironically, the way some people were raised it is “the code of ethics” to not call the police, but just to carry on with life and act like nothing happened. It gives accurate statistics on the clearance rate when people cooperate with police versus when people don’t call the police at all.

Annotated Bibliography #2

Jackson, N. (2019). What Influence and Effects Does Rap Music Have on Teens Today? Retrieved March 31, 2019, from

This article presents the influence and effects that rap music has on teens today. It addresses the controversial topics that it may have on teens such as violence and sexual behavior. Giving strong statistics discovered by Michael Delpleache, founder of Hip Hop Gives Back ( a youth empowerment organization) and researchers from Florida International University. It also explains why rap music has such a great effect on teens, especially kids from poor suburban areas. Also, how rap music can have a positive impact on teenagers. In conclusion this article gives you many great facts on the effects of rap music on teens these days.

Annotated Bibliography

“Policy Statement-Impact of Music, Music Lyrics, and Music Videos on Children and Youth .” American Academy of Pediatrics , 19 Oct. 2009,

This article discusses the impact that music and all its forms has on children and youth in general. It discusses how music nowadays is easier to get access of without parents knowing. It shows how now parents are not aware what their kids are listening to. It displays statistics of how many kids and there ages listen to all kinds of music and music that is most likely out of there age range. It shows how this music not only affects emotions, but behavior, school work, social skills and self esteem. The article shines a light on how the outcome of the music is different for boys and girls, Boys get boosted while girls get, in a way, torn down. This is a helpful source to see what type of impact music has on the youth and to learn the statistics and numbers.

Advice on writing essays for Dr. T’s class

Dr. T’s class is very fun and you learn a lot of things about writing, rhyme, etc. through rap and hip hop music, which is not of the norm (in a good way). We recently wrote our first essay and I have two pieces of advice on how write a good essay for Dr. T’s class. First piece of advice is choose your topic wisely. Pick a topic that truly interests you, or passionate about. Whether or not you’re really interested in your topic can make or break your essay. If you need to change your topic its okay, for the recent essay I just wrote I changed my topic, because I was more interested in another topic. Second piece of advice is outlining, please make sure you create an outline for your essay. Pick three to four main topics that support your essay topic. It will really help you lay out your essay and it will make it so much easier to write your essay. Plus, it will help you out for finding your sources and formatting. Just have fun with your essay, follow the rubric, do it in APA format and you’ll be good.

Rap for all Races

Growing up, rap and hip hop music was nothing new to me, the community/ neighborhood I grew up in, that music played a big role. People driving down the street, windows down, blasting rap out of their car speakers; parties for kids of all ages blaring all types of rap music such as, R&B, Spanish rap, even country rap (believe it or not). Personally, I have no problem with people not of black race making hip hop/ rap music. I don’t see a problem with it, I actually think it’s pretty cool that they feel comfortable and respect the rap culture enough to express themselves through that art form. I believe if you grew up in a certain setting and you’re rapping about it it’s totally fine (just being appropriate and respectful), but if you didn’t and you’re just making stuff up and stereotyping what you assume rappers go through then that’s where the line needs to be drawn. Further explaining where i’m coming from about respect, “It allows one to move at will through all kinds of communities with as minimal damage as possible. But it is also rooted in a love and respect for one’s culture and for the struggle” (Cooper, 2014). However I do have a problem if they don’t respect the culture by using the N word, I don’t think its appropriate or necessary. In conclusion, I invite all races to express themselves through anything they genuinely enjoy with being respectful and appropriating culture.

Rap Listener Survey Analysis

In our survey of people who listen to rap on whether like enjoy it or not, it was pretty predictable. Our survey was taken by 29 people and the majority of them were younger between the ages of 17 and 22. Of course, 52% of the surveyors listened to rap everyday. Another prediction that was not quite surprising is that 39% of people liked rap music because of the type of mood it puts them in. The mood rap put people in was happy, for 50% of them. However, what came as a shock, well to me, is that 64% of the people had listen to a foreign rapper. Ironically only 25% of the people had purchased a rap album even though a majority of them do like rap music. Due to only 29 people taking the survey, the results aren’t accurate to use as statistical facts, but it is good to know these peoples opinions and thoughts.

Rappers not of this world

The two best rappers are Christian artists Lecrae and Trip Lee, hands down. Lecrae and Trip Lee relate to many Christian teens and young adults, because of their troubled life growing up and finding God in the midst of there sinful lifestyle. Both from Texas, they rap about real life problems, such as struggling with sin and how hard it is to be a Christian in this generation. More specifically, they talk about being a minority with different views that follow/support Christianity views. No, their music isn’t cheesing sounding or lame, it sounds like any other secular artist beat/tune, minus all the sex, alcohol, drugs and partying nonsense. They use there platform and fame to give back to not only the community they came from, but also the Christian community. Even now Trip Lee is a leading pastor at a church in Atlanta, Georgia, while still producing music. In conclusion, Lecrae and Trip Lee are the best rappers of this generation.

Music and its affect on society

Society nowadays idolizes artists and their music, therefore it literally effects every aspect of a person, such as their mood, attitude, feelings, productivity and many more. It’s important to study music because it can show what type of music helps people and what type doesn’t (in certain situations). For instance worship music or classical music makes people relaxed, calm and more productive that’s why they play it in areas where people need to be calm. You come out feeling great and possibly in a better mood for the rest of the day. With music people feel as if they can escape and enjoy their own little world. Another reason to study how music affects society, because it’s scientific proven that it can help heal mental sickness. Doctors use music therapy on cancer patients, people with ADD, and even depressed patients. All this resulting in music improving people’s health and having a positive impact on society.